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Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM487
Description: Automate your world with Automation HAT Mini! Monitor and control up to 24V systems and see their status on the gorgeous full-colour display. Don't be fooled by its size... Automation HAT Mini packs a whole bunch of functionality in. It has a relay, 3x buffered inputs 3x outputs..
Ex Tax:23.79€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM254
Description: Speaker pHAT crams an I2S DAC and mono amplifier, a tiny 8Ω 2W speaker, and a 10 LED bar graph all onto one teeny little pHAT. It's the neatest way to add audio to you Pi project, and its beautiful artwork evokes an 80s boombox! We can't claim audiophile sound quality, but it's per..
Ex Tax:12.82€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIMB015
Description: This clicky joystick is great for DIY arcade builds, and it has a handy 5-pin connector that means connecting it is just a case of plugging in a single cable connector. We use this joystick in our new Picade and it's solid, responsive, and reliable. The feel is a little looser than t..
Ex Tax:8.02€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM213
Description: Take control of and monitor your world with our ultimate jack-of-all-trades Raspberry Pi HAT! We've pulled together a great set of features into this home monitoring and automation controller. With relays, analog channels, powered outputs, and buffered inputs (all 24V ..
Ex Tax:28.95€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM301
Description: Button SHIM gives you five handy, physical buttons and an RGB status LED, and it's HAT and pHAT-compatible! Our SHIM-format boards are designed to be soldered neatly onto your Pi's GPIO pins and still allow you to use HATs and pHATs at the same time. Or solder the included female hea..
Ex Tax:8.79€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM082
Description: Explorer HAT Pro adds a lot of useful tools to your Raspberry Pi. It has digital inputs and outputs, capacitive touch pads, croc. clip compatible pads, coloured LEDs, analog inputs, motor drivers, and a mini breadboard for prototyping your projects Great for little robot..
Ex Tax:17.66€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM170
Description: Need to detach or debug your HAT? Then the Mini Black HAT Hack3r is for you! A nifty little tool that lets you access all of the GPIO pins while also running a HAT. Ideal for debugging your HAT projects or combining a HAT with other circuits. Features: HAT and pHAT landing a..
Ex Tax:11.21€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM488
Description: Power-up your TV with Picade Console! It's a compact, Raspberry Pi-powered retro games machine with authentic arcade controls that plugs right into your TV, monitor, or other HDMI display. Picade Console is fight stick-style arcade console that riffs off our new Picade with the same ..
Ex Tax:80.56€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM252
Description: Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro games console! Picade HAT includes joystick and button inputs, a 3W I2S DAC/amplifier, and soft power switch. Nice!. We've taken all the great features of the Picade PCB and crammed them onto this super HAT. Simply pop it onto your Pi, plug your Pi..
Ex Tax:48.31€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM054
Description: What's going to protect your beloved Raspberry Pi from an onslaught of rainbow-coloured fusion? That's right, it's the Unicorn HAT. Sporting a matrix of 64 (8 x 8) RGB LEDs and powered directly from the Pi this is the most compact pocket aurora available. Unicorn HAT provid..
Ex Tax:24.11€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM-PES001
Description: A set of connectors to extend the Raspberry Pi camera cable with a standard HDMI cable. This is a kit to use a standard HDMI cable between the Raspberry Pi and its camera. The biggest advantages are obviously the range increase, the possibility to use widely available cables, and to ..
Ex Tax:19.27€
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