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Brand: DFRobot Model: SEN0002
The URM04 v2.0 Ultrasonic Sensor is developed based upon our popular URM37 ultrasonic sensor. The RS485 interface allows a number of sensors working together. Up to 32 URM04 may be connected together in a network. The ultrasonic sensor allows you to determine the exact distance of an obstacle in ..
Ex Tax:26.05€
Brand: DFRobot Model: SEN0001
This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you'll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement if so desired.sensor..
Ex Tax:21.13€
Brand: DFRobot Model: SEN0312
Introduction: Ultrasonic distance sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and receiving of the ultrasonic pulse. This ME007YS Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor features high accuracy, steady data output and a certain penetration power(smog, dust). The ul..
Ex Tax:18.47€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF08
Voltage - 5v only required Current - 15mA Typ. 3mA Standby. Frequency - 40KHz Range - 3cm - 6m. Max Analogue Gain - Variable 94 to 1025 in 32 steps. Connection - Standard I2C Bus. Light Sensor - Front Facing light sensor. Timing - Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of task. Echo - Multiple ec..
Ex Tax:36.94€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: SEN15569
Description: This is the HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor. This economical sensor provides 2cm to 400cm of non-contact measurement functionality with a ranging accuracy that can reach up to 3mm. Each HC-SR04 module includes an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit. There are ..
Ex Tax:4.80€
Brand: DFRobot Model: SEN0208
Introduction: Most ultrasonic distance sensors aren't waterproof which can be a problem if you need your project to withstand the elements outdoors. No need to worry any more! We have developed waterproof ultrasonic distance sensors with a waterproof sealed emitter. This sensor is suitable for outdo..
Ex Tax:17.66€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF02
Lowest cost ultrasonic ranger with both I2C and Serial interfaces. New AutoTune algorithms intelligently back the minimum range right up to the transducer ringdown for the very best performance possible, automatically, in the background, and with no calibration cycles necessary. Additional new comma..
Ex Tax:15.40€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF05
Range - 1cm to 4m. Power - 5v, 4mA Typ. Frequency - 40KHz. Size - 43mm x 20mm x 17mm height. Two operational modes are available, Single pin for trig/echo or 2 Pin SRF04 compatible. The input Trigger is a 10uS Min. TTL level pulse Echo Pulse is Positive TTL level signal, with the width..
Ex Tax:18.63€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF01
World beating performance - the SRF01 employs our 2nd generation AutoTune technology which allows ranging all the way down to zero on a single transducer sonar. Voltage - 3.3v to 12v Current - 25mA Ranging. 11mA Standby. 55uA Sleep. Frequency - 40KHz Range - 18cm to 600cm (Industrial spec', no calib..
Ex Tax:23.31€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF10
Photo shows size of the SRF10 compared with the SRF04 Voltage - 5v only required Current - 15mA Typ. 3mA Standby. Frequency - 40KHz Range - 6cm - 6m. Max Analogue Gain - Variable 40 to 700 in 16 steps. Connection - Standard I2C Bus. Timing - Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of ta..
Ex Tax:36.21€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF04
SRF04 is a great ranger for basic usage. Range - 3cm to 3m Power - 5v, 30mA Typ. Frequency - 40KHz. Size - 43mm x 20mm x 17mm height. The input Trigger is a 10uS Min. TTL level pulse. Echo Pulse is Positive TTL level signal, with the width proportional to the object range...
Ex Tax:20.89€
Brand: Devantech Model: SRF06
Introduction The SRF06 is a low cost ultrasonic ranger with a 4-20mA current output. The SRF06 is powered from the 4-20mA current loop and requires no other power. Measurement range is from 2cm to 5.1mtrs. Current output is from 4mA at zero range to 20mA at 5.1mtrs (510cm), which gives a nominal ..
Ex Tax:18.63€
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