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Brand: Pololu Model: POLO/1259
This small, 0.5 W speaker is compact way to add high-fidelity sound (compared to typical units this size) that can bring your project to life (or to annoy your friends and family with loud sirens and squawks!). The 16 Ω impedance makes it possible to drive this speaker directly from the I/O lines of..
Ex Tax:8,063.71€
Brand: Waveshare Model: W14542
Description: Speaker expansion module designed for micro:bit, makes your micro:bit become a music player easily. Furthermore, it can also be used for Arduino development, compatible with 3.3V/5V Arduino boards. Features: Onboard Hi-Fi chip NS8002 Sound volume adjustment Earphone jack..
Ex Tax:9.60€
Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM254
Description: Speaker pHAT crams an I2S DAC and mono amplifier, a tiny 8Ω 2W speaker, and a 10 LED bar graph all onto one teeny little pHAT. It's the neatest way to add audio to you Pi project, and its beautiful artwork evokes an 80s boombox! We can't claim audiophile sound quality, but it's per..
Ex Tax:12.82€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: COM15350
Description: If you want to get some sound out of your project but have a tight space budget, this is a good way to do it. This 0.25W, 8Ohm speaker is only 40mm in diameter and just over 4mm thick, the same kind you might find in one of those "talking greeting cards". Documents: Datasheet ..
Ex Tax:1.57€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: COM14125
Description: This is a tiny USB Microphone from Kinobo that plugs into your laptop, desktop, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano Dev kit, anything with a USB port you may be using as a computer to add microphone functionality. There is no need to install any extra software as you OS should detect the device &..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: COM13939
Description: This Piezo Alarm is a great option for when you need an audible alarm (or are just looking for a way to prank your friends). This alarm has 16 different output options that can be changed with the DIP switches on the unit. Select Continuous, Chime, Intermittent, Warble, or Pulsating and..
Ex Tax:9.60€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: DEV08463
Description: This is a small buzzer for the LilyPad system. Use 2 I/O pins on the LilyPad main board and create different noises based on the different frequency of I/O toggling. Loud enough to hear inside a pocket but not obtrusively loud. Please note: This is an inductive buzzer meaning that is..
Ex Tax:3.99€
Brand: Seeedstudio Model: 107100001
Description: ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT is a dual-microphone expansion board for Raspberry Pi designed for AI and voice applications. This means that you can build a more powerful and flexible voice product that integrates Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant, and so on. The board is develop..
Ex Tax:14.44€
Brand: Sparkfun Model: COM11089
Description: This through-hole speaker is great for projects where you need something that sounds better than a piezo buzzer but don't have room for a full-blown speaker. This 30mm diameter speaker is encased in plastic and will handle about 100mW of power. Features: 8 ohm0.1W (0.2..
Ex Tax:2.82€
Brand: Waveshare Model: W18833(14595)
Description: USB sound card, USB audio module, driver-free, external audio converter for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano. Sound Card Features: Onboard Mic Driver free Multi Systems Support: Win7/8/8.1/10, mac OS, Linux, Android, WinCE Small size supported sampling rates including 8K, 11...
Ex Tax:15.24€
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