The Unitree Robotics Go1 is a bionic quadruped robot that behaves like a real dog — it accompanies you while you are jogging or walking in the park, helps you carry your stuff, and can even bring your morning paper. The Go1 Pro model designed by the Chinese-based Unitree Robotics company amazes with its dog-like behavior and the affordable price, much lower than those of most competitors. The Go1 Pro is one of the most budget-friendly four-legged bionic robots for home use.

The advanced built-in AI is powered by a 16-core processor combined with a 384-core, 1.5 TFlops GPU. The Go1 Pro is equipped with Super Sensory System including 5 sets of stereo depth fish-eye lens cameras with a viewing angle of 150 x 170°, 3 sets of ultrasound sensors, and foot force sensors measuring the impact when contacting the ground. This system greatly adds to the robot's navigation capabilities and helps it trace the optimal route even in complicated environments, efficiently avoiding obstacles.

Jyri Koskinen
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