LSM303DLMTR Breakout Board - Tilt Compensated Compass

Valmistaja: Sparkfun

Tuotekoodi: SEN10888

Saatavuus: 1

Hinta: 33,25€ 24,80€
Veroton: 20,00€

Description: The LSM303DLMTR is a triple axis accelerometer combined with a triple axis magnetic sensor. This arrangement allows for the LSM303 to perform 6D orientation detection. This breakout board uses the LSM303DLMTR to give you all the data you need to feed into a microcontroller and calculate tilt-compensated output!

Note: The pictures for this product are not correct, we're working on correcting this!


  • +- 2/4/8 g dynamically selectable full-scale
  • +-1.3 to +- 8.1 Gauss magnetic field full-scale
  • 16-bit data out
  • I2C interface
  • Embedded self-test


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