ScanaPLUS Logic Analyzer

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Description: ScanaPLUS is a Logic Analyzer. It allows you to “capture” the state of logic signals for a certain amount of time, and then display them on a screen. It’s like an oscilloscope, but optimized for Logic Signals.


ScanaPLUS is the only 9-channel logic analyzer out there. Just enough to look at an 8-bit bus and a sync/clock signal on the 9th channel! It also have a shiny blue led that blinks when activity is detected on any channel. That’s a time saver when a quick sanity check is needed!

Check latest ScanaStudio release, supported protocols, manual and community.

Typical Applications:

  • Serial protocols
    • Working with an I2C humidity sensor? A 1-Wire temperature sensor? An SPI Flash memory? Or sending data over Serial port? If that’s the case, you need a Logic Analyzer. Trust us, it will change your life. ScanaPLUS is designed to help you visualize and debug your serial interface. ScanaStudio software will decode and interpret data for you. It will even pinpoint you directly to any wrong or suspicious signals!
  • CAN and RS485
    • ScanaPLUS Logic Analyzer has a versatile input stage; 9 channel inputs can be configured in many ways. Among those, 2 channels may be configured as differential pairs (instead of the standard single-ended line). This allows direct connection to industrial and automobile data buses like RS485 and CAN bus.
  • Measurements
    • Sometime you just need to do the most basic thing that can be done with a measurement device: Measure! With ScanaPLUS & ScanaStudio, you can measure time, frequency and duty cycle in a very user friendly way! In the example below, a clock signal’s frequency is measured. The deviation of that frequency around a mean value is also displayed
  • Reverse engineering
    • ScanaPLUS is also a great tool when it comes to reverse engineer a digital circuit. ScanaPLUS allows you to capture logic signals of various types (1.8V, 3.3V, 5V) for very long duration (up to 2000 seconds). ScanaStudio provides an IDE to write your own decoder to help you make sense out of captured data.


ScanaPLUS Specifications:


Maximum sampling rate 100 MHz
Timing accuracy ± 10 ns (In all modes)
Channels 9
Differential inputs 4 (Channel 5 to 8 form 2 differential pairs)
Input bandwidth (Max.) 25 MHz (1 channel) | 16MHz (4 channels) | 10 MHz (All 9 channels)
Supported logic levels 1.2V | 1.8V | 3.3V | 5V | 12V | ±12V (RS232) | Differential (CAN/RS485)
Trigger options Rising edge | Falling edge | Logic level | Pulse width | Serial sequence
Input voltage range ± 24V (continuous) | ±50V (10s pulse width)
Input impedance 100KΩ
Input capacitance 10pF Maximum
Weight & Dimensions: Weight: 59 gm (2.08 oz) | 73 x 46 x 17 mm (2.87 x 1.81 x 0.67 inches)
In the box Logic analyzer pod | 10 wires harness | 10 precision grabber test clips | USB cable

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