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Bus Pirate Cable

6,50€ Veroton: 5,24€

Description: This is an interface cable for the Bus Pirate, designed to connect to its 2x5 I/O heade.....

Bus Pirate v3.6a

39,90€ Veroton: 32,18€

Description: The Bus Pirate v3.6a, created by Ian Lesnet, is a troubleshooting tool that communicate.....

HackRF One

392,00€ Veroton: 316,13€

Description: This is the HackRF One, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral capable of transmissi.....

SD Sniffer

11,20€ Veroton: 9,03€

Description: This board is a unique board recommended by a SparkFun customer. When playing with SD, .....

Description: This ANT500 is a telescopic antenna designed for operation from 75 MHz to 1 GHz with a .....