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Automation HAT Mini

28,90€ Veroton: 23,31€

Description: Automate your world with Automation HAT Mini! Monitor and control up to 24V systems and.....

Automation HAT

35,90€ Veroton: 28,95€

Description: Take control of and monitor your world with our ultimate jack-of-all-trades Raspberry P.....

Explorer HAT Pro

21,90€ Veroton: 17,66€

Description: Explorer HAT Pro adds a lot of useful tools to your Raspberry Pi. It has d.....

Mini Black HAT Hack3r

13,90€ Veroton: 11,21€

Description: Need to detach or debug your HAT? Then the Mini Black HAT Hack3r is for you! A nifty.....

Unicorn HAT

29,90€ Veroton: 24,11€

Description: What's going to protect your beloved Raspberry Pi from an onslaught of rainbow-col.....