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Description: This is the Adafruit METRO Arduino-Compatible - with headers.  It's a fu.....


ATMEGA8U2 Breakout

23,20€ 16,24€ Veroton: 13,10€

Description: The board comes pre-loaded with the SparkFun USB to Serial COM Port firmware. When the .....


AVR Stick

11,10€ 7,44€ Veroton: 6,00€

Description: The AVR Stick is a simple data logging device that instantiates itself as an HID keyboa.....


46,80€ Veroton: 37,74€

Development board for ATMEGA128 AVR microcontroller with JTAG and STKxxx compatible 10 pin ICSP. .....

mikroXMEGA Board

30,20€ Veroton: 24,35€

The mikroXMEGA Board is a small size prototype board for cost-effective development of devices using.....

Pocket AVR Programmer

18,10€ Veroton: 14,60€

Description: This new version uses an SMD 5x2 header. This is a simple to use USB AVR programmer. It.....


Standalone AVR ISP Programmer Shield Kit

27,20€ 17,36€ Veroton: 14,00€

This shield kit pack will allow you to turn any Arduino into an AVR chip burner! It is specifically .....

USBtinyISP AVR-ohjelmoija

30,20€ Veroton: 24,35€

USBtinyISP on avoimen l.....