Flip n Click

Valmistaja: MikroElektronika

Tuotekoodi: ME-1984

Saatavuus: 5

Hinta: 42,90€ 34,32€
Veroton: 27,68€

Avainsanat: MikroE

Description: Meet Flip & click, Arduino™'s close cousin. It shares a lot of Arduino™ DNA — the AT91SAM3X8E MCU, the pinout, compatibility with Arduino™ IDE — but it has a tendency to flip.

When it flips, you'll see its other side – four sockets for click boards™. Clicks are bite-sized add-on boards with a standardized mikroBUS™ connector that make prototyping as elegant as it gets. Each one carries a single sensor, transceiver, display, encoder, connection port or any other sort of chip or module.

It’s not just the chip and pinout that make Flip & click a cousin of Arduino™. Everything will be familiar, down to the LED configuration. But the Flip side with mikroBUS™ sockets is where the fun is.

Technical Specifications:

Tech Support: Flip & click is Arduino's cousin, but it's not affiliated with Arduino LLC. For any questions or tech support you might need, your go-to source of wisdom is the MikroElektronika Helpdesk. We are happy to help. All we ask in return is that you have fun with your Flip & click.

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