Voltage Inverter

Valmistaja: Microbot

Tuotekoodi: MR009-002.1

Saatavuus: 5

Hinta: 6,90€
Veroton: 5,56€

Desription: This small circuit allows to reverse the voltage applied to the load simply acting on a switch. Typical applications are inverting the rotating direction of electric motors or inverting the motion direction of linear actuators.

The fastening holes as well as the two terminal blocks, one for the supply voltage and the other for the load, facilitate the connection with the circuit.


  • Max. Current 5A @ 120VAC o 28VDC
  • Dimensions 1.26” x 0.8” (30 x 20.3 mm)
  • Weight 0.3 oz (8.9g)

Datasheeet: https://www.microbot.it/documents/mr009-002_datasheet.pdf

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