Quad GPIO Expander for Raspberry Pi Pico, Four Sets of Male Headers, USB Power Connector

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Hinta: 12,90€
Veroton: 10,40€
Avainsanat: Rasperry Pi Pico

Description: Quad GPIO expander for Raspberry Pi Pico, four sets of male headers for connecting more expansion modules, USB power input connector.

NOTE: Please make sure there are no pin conflicts between the modules you want to use together before connecting. Raspberry Pi Pico and expansion modules are NOT included.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico female header for direct attaching Raspberry Pi Pico (if male header soldered), or just through jumper wires
  • Four sets of 2x20 male header, allows connecting more Raspberry Pi Pico expansion modules
  • USB power input connector, ensures sufficient power supply for multiple expansion modules
  • Clear pinout labels on the front side, easy to use
  • Immersion gold process, beautiful & practical, stunning aesthetic looking

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