Raspberry Pi 4 - Aluminum Passive Cooling Case with Dual Fans - Black

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Description: This is an armor aluminum alloy case with dual cooling fan designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B. Heatsink Case (Raspberry Pi 4 Case) for good heat dissaption. All of the fans were Tested by Our Engineer, Very Nice Quality Control
Update thermal tapes can make sure good heat conduction effect. Fan Noise: 18db

Note: This case is ONLY for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy to install
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Dual Cooling Expericnce, More powerful heat dissipation
  • Smooth and straight aluminum material
  • All ports and slots of the case can match with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B perfectly
  • Open case design, you don't need to worry it will effect wifi signal any more
  • Reinforced aluminum material, lightweight and durable, long-lasting stainless
  • Low Power Consumption Design
  • Very Quiet Cooling Fan, get rid of the fan noisy


  • 1 x Alunimun case for Raspberry Pi 4 model B
  • 1 x Screws Pack
  • 2 x Fans
  • 1 x Wrench

Size: 100*72*35MM

Note: If you think the blue Thermal Tape is not good enough for heat dissaption, you can replce it with thin cooper heat sink match with silicone grease (recommend Shin-Etsu Shin-tsu X-23-7921-5) for better heat dissaption.

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