NAO V6 for Academic Edition

Valmistaja: Aldebaran

Tuotekoodi: NAOEUUK-B2A-2Y

Saatavuus: 2-4 Weeks

Hinta: 7 551,60€
Veroton: 6 090,00€
Avainsanat: NAO, Humanoidi, Robotti

Description: The sixth generation of the incredibly intuitive and endlessly powerful NAO Robot is created to enable unique human-robot interaction. It’s the most advanced humanoid on both the educational and industrial fronts and its applications for teaching coding and programming are endless! In the classroom, the V6 is viable in a number of ways – from teaching coding and programming to augmenting literature, enhancing special education, and allowing for interactive training simulations. NAO’s advanced development platform provides cutting-edge chances for kids to sharpen their concentration, encourage STEM creativity, learn programming, boost problem-solving skills, promote inclusivity, and unlock barrier-free communication. Plus, its efficient education solutions also include an intuitive programming interface, options for remote learning, and various ready-to-use applications that make it 100 percent accessible!

With numerous upgrades, the NAO V6 is outfitted with the absolute latest in robotics technology. Its motherboard boasts 4 GB of RAM, a Quad Core CPU, and 32 GB of SSD HD while its on-board camera includes autofocus, a 68.2 DFOV field of view, and 30 CM-infinity focus range. The V6 also includes improved audio functions, including omnidirectional microphones and a loudspeaker as well as new motors with a lifetime improvement. With a faster boot time of 51 seconds, system upgrade time of under five minutes, Wi-Fi that’s up to 10 times better than the V5, and Ethernet performance four times faster than the V5, this new model is poised to perfect robotics in any classroom! Speaking of faster, the V6’s CPU is twice as effective as the V5 and its RAM is five times more effective than the V5! Plus, its read speed is 16 times faster than the V5 and write speed is 35 times faster, making the newest NAO a stalwart in any educational setting!

Kit includes:

  • NAO V6 Robot
  • Power Pack
  • Battery
  • 2-year Warranty (upgradeable)
  • Full SDK and API
  • and more..

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