RS232 Level-Shifter with UEXT Connector

Valmistaja: Olimex

Tuotekoodi: OL-MOD-RS232

Saatavuus: 2

Hinta: 10,90€
Veroton: 8,79€
Avainsanat: RS232

Description: MOD-RS232 is an RS232 level-shifter with UEXT connector. Using this module you can connect any OLIMEX board that has a UEXT to an RS232 device.


  • MAX3232CDR chip by Texas Instruments
  • UEXT connector and a ribbon cable
  • RS232 DB-9 connector
  • RX-TX singal swap via SMD jumpers
  • FR-4, 1.5 mm, red soldermask, white component print
  • Tiny size: PCB dimensions - 26 x 26 mm (1 x 1"); Nominal dimensions - 33 x 26(1.3 x 1)"


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