uArm Swift Pro Standard Kit - Robotic Arm

Valmistaja: uFactory

Tuotekoodi: SWPRO-STD

Saatavuus: 2 Weeks

Hinta: 1 495,00€
Veroton: 1 205,65€
Avainsanat: Robotic Arm

Description: uArm Swift series are consumer level desktop robotic arms which are developed for makers and STEAM education purposes. Based on Arduino, uArm Swift series are open-source and DIY friendly robotic arms. It’s extremely easy to use, almost anyone can learn how to play with it in a few minutes. It supports visual programming, which is beginner friendly, even a 9-year-old can pick it up easily. It also supports Arduino, Python, GRABCAD and ROS programming. Unleash the maker inside and get uArm to make your idea happen!

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