Tag Connect TC2030-IDC-NL

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Avainsanat: Tag connect

Description: The TC2030-IDC-NL is our "No Legs" 6-pin Plug-of-Nailstm Cable fitted with a 6-pin 0.1" pitch ribbon connector. With its tiny 0.02 sq inch footprint the TC2030 Tag-Connector has a footprint using about the same PCB space as an 0805 resistor.

The "No Legs" versions of our cables are designed to be held in place by hand for a fast programming operation or can be temporarily retained in place for debugging when used with our TC2030-CLIP boards. See TC2030-IDC for the "Legged" version which has four additional feet which hold it securely in place on the PCB for debugging or programming use.

Popular applications include programming Atmel AVR, many Renesas MCU's (when used with our TC-Renesas E1 / E8a adapter) and Zilog. Also great for bringing our SPI / IIC / RS232 and test signal access.

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