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Wearables sensor platform from iProtoXi
06 Nov / 2016

Wearables sensor platform from iProtoXi

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Aistin Blue is carefully designed for low energy battery operated wireless IoT and wearable solutions.

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Wearables sensor platform from iProtoXi and Rohm Semiconductor

"The Aistin Blue development platform incorporates many of the latest sensors from Rohm/Kionix. Included are sensors for detecting 3D-acceleration, 3D-magnetism, 3D-rotation, humidity, air pressure, and temperature"

New Aistin Blue Sensor Platform Co-Developed by iProtoXi and ROHM Semiconductor / Kionix

"This platform is ideal for teaching/training purposes, fast proof-of-concept prototyping, and as a final product platform. With production-ready BT-LE intelligence built in, sample applications range from fitness and activity tracking, monitoring hit and/or movements in sports equipment, and detecting motion, shaking, and orientation in remote controls to use as a weather station and burglar alarm"

Ikalogic Logic Analyzers
24 Feb / 2016

Ikalogic Logic Analyzers

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If you’re an engineer debugging a micro controller project, a hobbyist struggling with an I2C sensor, or an automobile expert trying to analyze CAN bus data frames, Ikalogic has the product your need.

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