ICSP Programming Socket

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The programming of Microchip Technology Inc.'s microcontrollers can be done using different expensive tools, or it can be done directly on the system you are developing by the ICSP technique (In Circuit Serial Programming); the latter method requires that the designer adds to his project an appropiate plug connected to the microcontroller to make programming operations on board.

Our product ICSP Programming Socket allows you to use the ICSP technique without modifing or complicating your design and it also affords you a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket where plugging in the microcontroller that must be programmed; note that similar products often use normal DIL socket, and the disadvantage of using this kind of socket is that the continuous plug and unplug of the microcontroller can damage its pins forcing you to change it with a new one.

Microchip Technology Inc. produces a wide range of microcontrollers. Each of them has its own features, and above all their connections for programming are different: our product allows you to program a wide range of microcntroller types. Particularly, it works with 8bit and 16bit microcontroller families (for more details, see the supported devices list at the end of this document).

Connectors prepared on the side of the board have been designed to fit the Microchip PicKit2 programmer, making our product its essential peripheral.

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