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AVR 28 Pin 20MHz 32K 6A/D - ATmega328

7,95€ Veroton: 6,41€

Description: Atmel's ATMega328 8-Bit Processor in 28 pin DIP package. It's like the ATmega168, wi.....

DIP Sockets Solder Tail - 28-Pin 0.3"

1,00€ Veroton: 0,81€

Description: Dip sockets for all your prototyping needs. If you've ever had to de-solder a dip part .....

EEPROM Data Storage Module For Arduino

7,90€ Veroton: 6,37€

Introduction: If you want more storage for your Arduino project, this module is designed for you. Th.....

Nollavoimakanta, 28-napainen 0.3" (ZIF)

4,95€ Veroton: 3,99€

Description: This is a high-quality, easy to use 28 pin ZIF socket that is 0.3" wide. Makes for easy.....

SparkFun microSD Transflash Breakout

6,90€ Veroton: 5,56€

Description: Breakout board for the microSD socket that is not much bigger than your fingernail. Com.....

ATmega328 with Arduino Optiboot (Uno)

11,90€ Veroton: 9,60€

The name says it all on this one. An ATmega328P in DIP package, pre-loaded with the Arduino Optiboot.....